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Add products, which can be offered for the customers and do sales.

Add New Product

From the main menu select the "Product" section then press the "Add" button and start to fill in all rows:


  • SKU - A Code (or Number) is a unique alphanumeric string used to identify a stock keeping unit.
  • Title - Name your product. The title is a required field.
  • Brand - Select a brand from the list. If you don't need to select a brand just skip this step. It is already set to default.
    For adding a new brand you need to go to Menu Brand Add
    (Click here to see how to add a new brand.)
  • Product_add
  • Unit - This filed is also required. You can select a unit from the list or add your version and press the "Enter" on your keyboard.
  • Product_add

  • Product category - Uncheck Def(Default) to choose the product category. You can select one or more product category and when you check the "Def" back your selected items will be kept into drafts and into your database also. Once you will need that items just uncheck "Def" again and product categories selected before will be shown automatically. Product_add

    If you need to add a new product category go to Menu Product Product category Add,
    (Click here to know how to add a new Product category.)
  • Without expiration date - Choose Yes or No for your product expiration date.
  • Short description - Give a short description of your product for an easy search or just to know what product it is.
  • Picture - Download your product picture from your PC. This field not optional.
  • Status - Status already set "Active" by default.
    On your work process, when you will have necessary to remove any product just change the "Active" status to the "Passive"

When you don't fill the required rows the system will return you a message about wrong. This is how it looks like. See the picture below.


And in the end you can fill in also:

  • Price - Type the price (Cost price, price) of the product and choose a value of currency.
  • Custom attributes - By pressing an "Add" button, it will open a window from where you can choose a needed Attribute type.
  • Advanced - This field has a two field to fill in: "Min quantity" and "Min day".

When you are finished completing the fields press "Save" to save an information into the Product List.

Product List

For filter, ordering and pagination see the List functionality.

List functionality:
Product_list - You have permission to search for any product you need with the "Filter" button. If you want to reset and return to the List page click on th section icon.

Product_list - With ordering you can sort the rows alphabetically: Product_list from A - Z and Product_list from Z - A

Product_list - Use the arrows for pagination

In the Product List, you are seeing all the information were filled in before.
There are shown the Product Id, Title, Brand, Product category, Status.

See the picture below


Edit Product

Editing is the easiest function in the system. For edit, you must go to the Menu Menu Product Edit.
(Click here to see how to edit.)

Click on the pencil symbol and change the row you need.


Click "Save" to save the changes.

Copy Product

If you want to copy a product go to the Menu Product Copy.
(Click here to see how to copy.)

Click on the mentioned symbol and copy the row you need.


Click "Save" to save the product you copied.

Product Details

For seeing product details go to Menu Product Details.
(Click here to know more about details.)

Click on the mentioned symbol and you will see the details page. All information is shown on this page. You can't edit or copy the details.



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