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Getting Started

How to start using the Elmasys?

Pre Started Steps

Which steps should I start from?
If you are a new user and need to know how to start using "Elmasys", you are in the right place. We strongly recommend that you start reading and using from the "Pre started steps" in order to organize your work easily. For example, you should complete a "Permission group" to adding the "Permission" after. So start to fill in all those types and categories. As we have already given the "Permission group" as an example, start filling in that block first. Click to the link to know more about how to add your Permission group. Now, as you can see, we are in the User management block and you have the permission group here already, now go to the "Permission" block and complete it. Here, like in the pre-start step you should give a "Role" to the person/employee who is going to use Elmasys. When the points above are completed, it's time to create a "User" and with this last step you can consider User management block completed.
Go to Employee block and start from "Structure". This is the structure of the company staff. For each employee you should mention which department he belongs to. Afterwards, let's continue to filling "Employee position" and "Employee" blocks with the same logic as we used above.
Next is the Storage block. A storage is a building where imported or ready-to-sell products are stored. It can be of different types, and you can fill in the types and the storages by visiting the "Storage type" and "Storage"sections.
Next is the Company block. In this block you should fill about the partners are working with. Fill in the "Company type" and "Company" cells to specify them later when placing orders.
In customers sectionis the data about all your Customers, their orders, financial obligations, etc. Start to fill in "Customers".
This section contains all the information about the "Products", their "Categories" and "Lots" as well.
The system allows you to create different "Pricelists",where for each customer you have the opportunity to set individual price changes, and individual discounts.
These section is relatively constant and you almost don't need to make changes here. It contains "Unit", "Entity type", "Country", "Marz", "District", "Region", "Language", "Currency"

Get Started

Now that all the initial sections have been completed, it's time to move to the main steps, after which you can fully enjoy the system. In the general list, there is a "Purchase"section, through which you can place orders directly from the manufacturer or other supplier of the products. For more details, go to the link and follow the steps shown in the guide.
Product circulation - this is one of the most important and large modules, which controls the whole cycle of product movement, from the moment of purchase from supplier to sale and delivery to the customer.


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