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In this section, we are going to place an order in order to sell to customers.

Add Purchase

From the main menu select the "Purchase" section then press the "Add" button and start to fill in rows:


Let's see how it looks.


  • Company - The company is a required field. After choosing the company will open the "Product" row
  • Product - Choose the product from the list and see below of the page. Type a needed count, and when you will have necessary to change the cost price, The system will ask


    choose the needed one and go on.
  • Set - If you need the product to be delivered on concrete datetime, click on the Delivery Date" and select the day and time from the calendar.

    Important: The datetime you entered should be at least one hour bigger than the current time.
    Choose the "Delivery range" if you need the product to be delivered for a certain period of time.

    Important: The datetime between start and end should be at least one hour.
  • Comment - Here you can leave a comment.
  • Status - Status already set "Active" by default.
    On your work process, when you will have necessary to remove any row just change the "Active" status to the "Passive"

From the same page you can go to the List and see your added row. See the picture.

As you see there are two buttons "Save" and "Save and Confirm". Click to "Save". It means that you can do changings after saving the information, add or remove the products. With one word it will be saved as a "draft". Click to "Save and Confirm". It means that you cannot do changings because the purchase already arrived. You will receive the following message.

When the purchase has reached to you ahead of time and you should click "Save and Confirm" the system will ask

This is how you should add the purchases.


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