Inventory Management System Release Nodes

Build - 15, v1.37.49.151 - Oct 29, 2021

Summary: Big Update: Integrations.

Fixed Fixed bug for opening and closing products in E-shop manage order page.

Fixed Fixed pagination showing in E-shop the main page when it’s filtered by product category.

Fixed Some corrections on company details, edit,copy and list pages when company status is “Our company” or “Other Costs”.

Fixed A copy button isn’t shown in the edit company when the company status is “Default” or “Our Company”.

Fixed A copy button isn’t shown in the list (storage_zone, company, brand, category, company_type).

Fixed Added barcode icon in product list page.

Fixed Added “Copy” button in edit storage and “Edit” button in copy storage page.

Fixed Fixed error message text on change password page.

Fixed Fixed update "Bank Name" bug on edit company page.

Fixed Fixed pagination bug in E-shop when filtering by brand.

Fixed In E-shop product details page fixed wholesale price issue.

Fixed E-shop registration. E-mail inserting when a user already exist on customer list.

Improved Some changes connected with UX improvement.

Improved Added a new company name - “Other Costs". When new payments are added for a company, financial liabilities don't change.

Improved Added a new “Default storage input type” field in storage page. When default storage input type is chosen, in inputting process will be selected that type automatically.

Improved Auto selected storage on the add storage input page when the user has only 1 storage connected to him. If the selected storage has the attached default input type, it will be selected automatically.

Improved On the E-shop registration page added new fields: Entity type and Company name.

Improved Improved user history view in user details page.

Improved Changed, the selecting company types logic on the copy company page.

Improved Default filtering active status on payment list.

Improved Now you can choose the default payment method in company and customer pages. Later if you add payment for this customer or company the default payment method will be selected automatically.

Improved Added "Payment" button in company list for "Other Cost" Companies. Clicking to this button you can add payments for this company easily and quickly.

Added Multi unit product management. Now you can add products with several units at the same time. This new feature gives you an ability to buy a product in sacks and sell them by another unit like kg, which will facilitate the entire quantitative-financial management cycle of such products.

Added Integration with QuickBooks system․ Elmasys has been integrated into the QuickBooks accounting system. Now you can connect to the QuickBooks system by clicking a button, and needed information will be added in the Elmasys system automatically. Besides, if you add information, it is also added in Elmasys system.

AddedIntegration with the 1C system. Elmasys has been integrated into the accounting module of the 1C system. When you connect to 1C the information is added to the Elmasys system automatically. Besides, if you add any information, it is also added in Elmasys system using needed information, which completes the usage of the system.

Build - 14, v1.34.39.139 - Oct 4, 2021

Summary: Fixes and Improvements.

Fixed Fixed storage ballance view for mobile devices.

Fixed Bug fixed in E-shop header for desktop/mobile view

Fixed Fixed quantity of products with attributes in E-shop index and search pages.

Fixed Fixed search view when it searches by word.

Fixed Fixed barcode print size bug for different label sizes.

Fixed Fixed close (x) button view bug

Fixed Fixed payment details button showing problem for mobile view.

Fixed Solved the problem with long descriptions in E-shop products.

Fixed Storage inventory finalise button visibility in storage inventory details page.

Fixed Product showing in E-shop. Now there is shown products which prices is more than 0 in their (logged user) pricelist․

Improved There are auto selected lots in storage input and input details when the product has only a lot.

Improved When you click the payment button, a new window opens from the output list.

Improved Changed loader colors in E-shop.

Improved Reading product prices from the customer pricelist in E-shop. Now you can attach a custom pricelist to customers and in the E-shop page they will see their own prices for products.

Improved Now you can find the Barcode "Print" button in the product list.

Improved Changed Tags field placeholder in add, edit, copy product pages. Now it is more informative․

Improved Showing product brand in E-shop product details page.

Improved Changed Cart view in E-shop, when we open it and there are no added products.

Improved Change payment list buttons names. Now their names are shorter and clearer.

Added There is a new company type. Named other costs. You can create payments like salary or other costs, it will update your cashbox balance, but not your financial liabilities and company cashbox. You must select “Other Costs” company from the add payment page company select option for using this option.

Build - 13, v1.33.30.129 - Sep 14, 2021

Summary: Fixes and Improvements.

Fixed Product has been added tags and categories functions bug.

Fixed Some corrections on “About” and “Wholesale” E-shop pages for mobile view.

Fixed Some corrections for messenger view.

Fixed Resolved bug in E-shop registration․

Fixed When child category is selected it stays open with parent categories in E-shop

Fixed You can now see the name of the registrar user and the date of registration on the attribute details page․

Fixed Fixed zoom issue on E-shop product details page.

Fixed Add your version field is now clickable on Add Product.

Fixed In process delivery and passive status was shown incorrect in orders list in E-shop.

Fixed On product details ‘Lot’ tab had lots of "2" in the status field . Now it also shows active status.

Fixed Number validation for negative numbers in E-shop cart.

Fixed Fixed description visibility in “Wishlist”.

Fixed Fixed images view for social media sharing.Change "7" number to "In process" in the "Status" field of the inventory details details.

Fixed Fixed manage view for mobile and desktop.

Improved Search speed in E-shop module․ Now it is much faster.

Improved New inventory type (Only update).

Improved Improved E-shop “My orders” page view.

Improved Improved mobile login and registration view for mobile.

Improved Improved “Transfer” add and details view.

Improved There is new column in customer list (Phone number and username)․

Improved Now you can configure all the features of E-shop from the Settings section.

Improved “Add all available items to cart” button that helps you to move all products from “Whishlist” to “Cart”

Improved E-shop product attributes style bugs resolved in mobile․

Added Barcode management: Users can use barcode inventory management systems to assign a number to each product they sell. They can associate several data points to the number. Barcodes systems are great tools for inventory management and control. Users can speed up the process of both shipping and receiving goods, ensure a more accurate count of what’s on hand, and reduce costs.

AddedBarcode / Ticket Scanning: By printing and scanning barcodes, an organization can track everything that comes into or out of a warehouse or stockroom. Larger businesses can track inventory across multiple locations, with immediate updates to a database, so anyone in the company can know what’s in stock anywhere in the world.

Added New filtering option. Now the user can filterby datetime and then export the data by Excel format.

Build - 12, v1.30.19.115 - Aug 25, 2021

Summary: Big Update: Integration with e-shop and other features.

Fixed Incorrect image size in Edit Product page.

Fixed List filters are not visible on some pages on the tablet.

Fixed It doesn’t insert the user and edit date in the database when editing Lot.

Fixed First image issue on the product page․

Fixed Style issue in edit product․

Fixed The name of the registrar user and the date of registration do not shown in the attribute details.

Fixed Invoice update errors when outputting edited orders․

Improved Inventory start lock change from 60 minutes to optional.

Improved Search speed․ Now it must be much faster.

Improved Search field view has been adapted to the page style.

Improved Product attributes style improved in the mobile version. Now it is much easier to use.

Added The Elmasys system is integrated with the online store. The online store shows which product and how much is in stock in real time (if needed), product pictures, descriptions, prices and other information is automatically inputted from the Elmasys system. Registered users, orders and payments from the online store automatically log in the system updating the quantities of products and financial liabilities.

Added The "Cashbox transfer" feature has been added in the Payments section, which allows the user to transfer money from the cashbox of one of the currencies in the system to another.

Added The category hierarchy․ This will allow the user to work in hierarchical product categories and see that hierarchy on preferred pages. That makes working with products easier and visible.

Added New filtering option. Now the user can filterby datetime and then export the data by Excel format.

Build - 11, v1.26.27.110 - Aug 19, 2021

Summary: Fixes and Improvements.

Fixed Fixed an issue connected with not unique tags on add product.

Fixed Fixed bug on edit product page.

Fixed Fixed renew button clicking in add output from order details.

Fixed Checking storage input details status in adding storage input from purchase․

Fixed Fixed info bullets bug in Elmasys main page, now it includes output discount and depends on output type.

Improved Mobile login and registration page view.

Improved Product attributes style for mobile devices.

Improved Improved API module.

Added Customer cashbox transfer. Customer details cashbox transfer tab gives you new ability to convert the customer cashbox cash and debt from one currency to another.

Added There is a new tab in storage details named “Storage Finance Balance”, where you can see the available product expressed in monetary units in that storage in real time.

Added There is a new storage input type named Production (without financial liabilities). Using this type of input you can input products to your storages without changing financial liabilities.

Added There is a new storage input type named Production (without financial liabilities). Using this type of input you can input products to your storages without changing financial liabilities