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Entity type

Partner status: Legal entity or Individual.

Add Entity Type

From the main menu select the "Entity type" section then press the "Add" button and start to fill in rows:


  • Title - The title is a required field (Individual, Legal entity, LLC, etc.).
  • Status - Status already set "Active" by default.
    On your work process, when you will have necessary to remove any row just change the "Active" status to the "Passive"

From the same page you can go to the List and see your added row. See the picture.

Entity Type List

For filter, ordering and pagination see the List functionality.

List functionality:
Product_list - You have permission to search for any product you need with the "Filter" button. If you want to reset and return to the List page click on th section icon.

Product_list - With ordering you can sort the rows alphabetically: Product_list from A - Z and Product_list from Z - A

Product_list - Use the arrows for pagination

The Entity Type List has the following sight . There are shown the Id, Title, Status.

See the picture below


Edit Entity Type

Editing is the easiest function in the system. For edit, you must go to the Menu Entity type Edit.
(Click here to see how to edit.)

Click on the pencil symbol and change the row you need.


Click "Save" to save the changes.

Copy Entity Type

If you want to copy an Entity type go to the Menu Entity type Copy.
(Click here to see how to copy.)

Click on the mentioned symbol and copy the row you need.


Click "Save" to save the entity type you copied.

Entity Type Details

For seeing Entity type details go to Menu Entity type Details.
(Click here to know more about details.)

Click on the mentioned symbol and you will see the details page. All information is shown on this page. You can't edit or copy the details.



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