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How to start integration or connect with Elmasys?
APIs in Elmasys work in JSON format.
Authorizations are performed on the basis of private and public keys.

API Structure

The structure depends on a number of elements: link, private key, public key and information body. You must do post request to https://<your_subname>.elmasys.com/api/api/k/<private_key> link with body parameters.

Information body:

    "private": "<private_key>",
    "group": "<function_group_name>",
    "function": "<function_name>",
    "parameter_name1": "<parameter_value1>",
    "parameter_name2": "<parameter_value2>"

As a result, you will get 200 status (if everything is right).
If something not true or not valid you get:
{"success": 0, "message": "", "error": "Something is not right"}
If success = 1, then everything is right.

success is 1 or 0. 1 is success and 0 is something wrong. "success" type is string.
message usually you get message when success is 1. "message" type is string.
error usually you get error message when success is 0. "error" type is mixed (string or array).

For example you can add measurement unit.

And get response:

    "success": "1",
    "message": "",
    "error": ""

Sandbox and testing tools

For get integration and authorisation details, please fill free to contact with us.
We configure for you sandbox for your tests. And we will help with integration.


For API Structure please go by link.
For Authorisation you must have Private key and Public Key. For get Private key and Public Key fir tests please connect with us.
So, when you try to do request. You can get this responses:

When API not set:

    "success": "0",
    "message": "Sucsses!",
    "error": ""

When Private key is not set:

    "success": "0",
    "message": "",
    "error": "Private key is not set"


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